Tamasopo waterfall, San Luis Potosi


Popular destination for artists, expats, first-timers. San Miguel is a remarkable juxtaposition of the old and the new. At the edge of town, on the bypass, there are high-end shops, a modern shopping mall and banks. You will hear more English than Spanish on the streets so it will be an easy introduction to Mexico. On weekends it is full of people from Mexico City.

In town, the old colonial buildings still stand and there is no new construction. The streets are often cobblestone. One thing not mentioned in most guidebooks is that the curbs are very high and the sidewalks are uneven. That's fine and fun for young whippersnappers, but is hell on old folks. So always look down and don't plan on walking fast.

Nevertheless, everyone should visit SMA because it is a heritage center recognized by the United Nations, a Pueblo Magico and a remarkable place.
Type Drive: Mostly Toll - Some mountains
Mileage: Laredo - San-Miguel - 550 Miles - 745 KM
Price: $6.95
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