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Everybody and his brother is a Mexico expert these days. They advertise they can tell you how to move to Mexico. To an extent, they can. They can help you with facts like visas, moving costs etc. I don't pretend to be able to tell you what life in San Miguel de Allende or Merida is like. That's for others to do. What I can do for you is give you the big picture. I'm not a booster of any one place. I'll answer your questions and fill in the blanks without bias.

I love Mexico and her people and have written books on both. I lived in Mexico in the 1980's when it was challenging. Things are much easier today. I worked in Mexico throughout the 1990's and early 2000's. I no longer live in Mexico due to my wife's medical issues. It was a choice between two loves. I still drive all over the country and talk to expats everywhere. So I keep up on what's going on.

I'll help you evaluate different places to live based on your preferences. Some towns wouldn't be good if you are liberal, conservative, gay, disabled, single etc. That's the kind of advice you won't get from someone who "lives" in a Mexican town but doesn't know the country.

In my 40+ years of working in, living in and writing about Mexico, I've learned a thing or two. Many people today move there because they think it is cheap. They don't ever get to know Mexicans, so their "knowledge" is limited to the gringo enclave where they live.

So, for the price of a lot of cups of coffee (or a night in a nice hotel), hire me to help you decide whether Mexico is for you and where in Mexico is right for you.
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