Tamasopo waterfall, San Luis Potosi
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Mexico's colonial heart is the most interesting part of the country from an historical and cultural perspective. Some towns have ghosts, others mines,hot springs, history, art, artisans. It includes San Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala, the two most popular expat destinations. But there is much, much more. Guanajuato is the most European city in Mexico. Zacatecas is like old Spain.
It is nearly impossible NOT to pass by some scenic jewel no matter what your route. Every one of my guidebooks has directions to some. Take advantage of them. But these selected trips have more scenic attractions per kilometer than most.
All roads lead to Yucatan
Most people drive down the Pacific coast from AZ because it is close and an easy drive. They come for the beaches and fishing which are great. But there is much more. The colonial mining town of Alamos is most interesting. The river fort town of El Fuerte is worth a visit. Los Mochis was once a Utopian community. The Copper Canyon railroad connects here. Take a few days and enjoy.
Mexico's western states of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila get short shrift in the tourism press. But they hold some of the most fascinating areas. The Copper Canyon is bigger than the Grand Canyon. The mountain loges in Durango just off the famous toll road to Mazatlan are like Alpine villages. Hundreds of species of birds flock here. There are waterfalls. In the eastern part of the state are hot springs.
You can get to Mazatlan from the east or the west.
There is more than meets the eye in Mexico's most scenic and sacred states.
The route to Belize is the same as routes to Yucatan. You exit just before Chetumal. The route to Guatemala branches off from the route to Yucatan at either Acayucan, Veracruz or near Coatzacoalcos, VER. From there, there are two alternatives. All are included in the collection of roadlogs and maps in the Guatemala booklet.
Collections of targeted, specific information.
Covers all of Mexico destinations.